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“Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am).” –Rene Descartes

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this is becoming a hate blog

i don’t want this to become a hate blog. i just noticed that my last two posts that were published a month apart where emitting a lot of negativity.

i wanna spread the love. Love. Peace. Unity.

Let’s concentrate on the picture in my header. That’s a peaceful picture. I took that about three years ago at the boulevard at the boulevard. That’s actually a fisherman. I like how the picture came out. My camera wasn’t that hi-tech, but I feel that the picture leaps from the page. Doesn’t it?

Ah peace…spread the peace…


i hate her to bits

is it possible to “hate someone to bits”?

i don’t really know, but this hyperbolic statement just seems so right when i talk about one particular bitch. her royal bitchiness…i’ll never forget you until my dying day.

i’m being mean and evil again. i know i say the meanest things, but well, words cannot describe how much i loathe that idiot of a primadonna.

bitch! bitch! bitch! grrrrr…

however, when i think hard about it, i think that whatever she did brought me good. she’s like judas escariot. somehow, what she (and her conniving cohorts) did was what you could call “necessary evil”…her blunder brought me my salvation. but still, she’s still a modern-day Judas E.

burn in hell.