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“Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am).” –Rene Descartes

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i’ve been thinking of…my life

it’s been quite sometime since i last updated this blog. i’ve been thinking of shutting this down, but when i read it again, i thought that it would be such a waste if i do. and so, i’ll continue to write the thoughts that swim inside my head.

anyway, i’m now 25 years old and two days. i am old, but still not old enough. i am still young, but not as young as i would want to be forever. and so here’s my quote for my birthday:

To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.

Anatole France (1844 – 1924)

I’ve been dreaming for a lot of things to happen to me for too long. I think it is time for me to move and do what I should do to make my dreams a reality. I’ve spent the past 25 years dreaming. I am looking forward to spending the years of my life living the realization of my dreams.